Virtual Fuse
January 26 (Tuesday) at 5:30 pm (GMT-06:00)

Online Class

Class length
45 minutes
Combining yoga flows, body sculpting reps with weights, core exercises and Pilates moves FUSE hits each part of your body giving you a complete and balanced workout.

This virtual low impact class focuses more on creating long lean muscles and less on cardio burn making FUSE the perfect class if you want to work out but don’t have time to hit the showers when you are done.

By starting class with a yoga flow you begin by centering and focusing yourself while warming up your body for the workout to come. We then move on to body sculpting using light weights but with higher reps to create tight, toned muscles. Our core exercises will engage your abdominal muscles and our hybrid Pilates moves will focus on creating fluid movements to create long lean lines. Finally each class ends with a brief meditation helping you refocus and take the time to just be still.

FUSE will leave you strengthened, stretched and centered ready to take on the day.

Watch LIVE on Zoom or the recorded session at a time that works for you!

**Please note. If NO ONE is registered 15-30 minutes prior to start of class, class may be canceled.**

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