FREE Facebook LIVE Virtual PomSquad Fitness
November 25 (Wednesday) at 5:00 pm (GMT-06:00)

Online Class

Class length
30 minutes
PomSquad Fitness is... exactly that! It's a group fitness class with poms!
The PomSquad Fitness platform was created by two wonderful dancers in Chicago, Mattrick Swayze and Jenarator in 2011.
If you have experience on a pom pom squad or dance team (or ever wanted to try), this class is for you. Similar to other dance-based cardio classes, easy-to-follow routines are created to today's hits and yesterday's favorites using pom squad type movements. Class is more fun (and looks cooler) with poms, but they are definitely not required. Even though poms weigh just a few ounces each, holding poms takes just a little more effort and the poms encourage bigger, sharper movements.
Come join you PomSquad captain, Christine aka Kitten Kite (Oh, I did I mention PomSquad Fitness encourages cheer names?) for this express class.

Sorry - that class has already taken place!